To Whom It May Concern:

When I first learned of the Tech Coach position, I assumed it was the result of a dark, heretofore unknown side of Chris Earthtree. A shrewd plot to come to Telluride and create his own position, for which he was uniquely qualified. I was impressed, but surprised I had misjudged Chris as being so kind and generous with his time.

Then it slowly dawned on me that this was an actual position being created to meet the very real needs of teachers. It had nothing to do with a master plot to selfishly create a dream job. Chris just happens to be perfectly qualified to be the Tech Coach!

Chris has consistently helped me with any and all tech requests, be they to support the sixth grade curriculum in his tech class (our interactive Google map for geography), to calmly bail me out of a frantic tech problem (iMovie rock cycle infomercials) or create a more streamlined sixth grade (Google docs and a generally paperless approach to school). Because of Chris I am actually writing this on email and sending it electronically!

In short, I have already been receiving Chris’s support as a tech coach and would love for him to be more available to provide this kind of support in the future. I strongly encourage you to investigate what Chris has to offer our district as a full time Tech Coach. His patience and skill set are exactly what we need to advance the meaningful use of technology in Telluride.

Respectfully submitted –

Colin Hubbard
Sixth grade teacher
Telluride School District
Telluride, Colorado


March 29, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this recommendation for Christopher Earthtree. I have known Chris for 11 years and I have had the pleasure of working closely with him during my student teaching since he was my mentor teacher.

He is a joy to work with because he is always thinking of ways to change up the curriculum so every students’ needs are being met but he is able to make the learning a fun and relevant experience for all. I will always be impressed with him because he made teaching 35 kids look easy, even though I knew how difficult it was to make sure each student was engaged and learning. The reason he was so successful with such a big class was because he was organized, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and maintained a disciplined environment. I cannot imagine sustaining the enthusiasm and positive attitude he brings to his job on a daily basis but he can’t help it! It is who he is and it is a joy to behold!

What I am trying to say is that Chris would be an asset in whatever job he does and he would welcome and meet the challenges that this new opportunity would bring.


Stephanie Gebauer

Telluride Intermediate School

5th Grade Teacher


Dear Mr. Terry,

Last year I had the privilege to learn from Mr. Earthtree and found him to be not only a very smart man, but a fun man to learn from. That is a great combination for a teacher to have.

In his class I learned so many new things, for he opened the door of technology to me. I have always been interested in how we are going to use technology in the future and Mr. Earthtree has helped me further understand just that. None of my other teachers have ever really used the computers we are provided with to assign and complete assignments. When I joined Mr. Earthtree’s class we right away jumped on “edmodo”. Edmodo was a new futuristic way to tell us what we need to do. I love having everything online and this new tool was just the cherry on top!

Another tool he introduced to us when joining Mr. Earthtree’s class was establishing our own individual “google docs” account. With these two new accounts/tools we could get our assignment, do it, and then turn it in with no paper and pencil involved.

To some people this new way of accomplishing school work was hard to understand, get used to and enjoy, but we all need to realize this is our future way of life.

With these ways to learn being new and different, they were also confusing but learning how to navigate online is such an important skill, and Mr. Earthtree sits by your side patiently to guide you along the way. Mr. Earthtree sat by my side and was so patient when I didn’t know how, and what to do. On top of his patience, Mr. Earthtree is an eager listener. We have a lot of gifted, and talented students in our school systems, and only few teachers actually listen to what they have to share. Mr. Earthtree listens closely to each and everyone’s opinions and what they have to offer, and this has to be my most favorite thing about Mr. Earthtree.

A lot of children feel as if their voice is never heard or that no one cares what they have to say, and whenever you’re in his class, he wants to understand everyones points and opinions.

For an example, we read a book called To Be A Slave and personally, I didn’t enjoy it very much due to it was very hard to understand. While reading we had to write online passages about the book. After we turned in the assignment on google docs and edmodo, Mr.Earthtree would leave comments telling you what you need to work on. Sometimes our whole class would get on a shared document and have discussions without having to hear everyone’s screaming voices. This was a virtual way for us to communicate and learn new things with everyone contributing and Mr Earthree tying it all together.

I think Mr. Earthtree is a fabulous teacher because he knows his stuff and is patient with students all while making learning fun.



7th Grade Student


July 22, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Chris EarthTree for the instructional technology position that is open in your district. I have worked with Chris as a colleague for the past four years and have no doubt that he would make a great addition to your school, your staff, and your entire school district.

Chris has an unparalleled passion for advancing technological initiatives in an educational setting. Chris has been instrumental in changing what classrooms in our district look like when it comes to instructional technology. Chris’ leadership and vision has led to the implementation of thousands of netbooks within our school district. He knew these tools would be extremely valuable to the teachers and students in classrooms. The use of netbooks are now a common occurrence throughout our district and Chris is the reason why. His vision and hard work have allowed Aurora Public Schools schools, teachers, and students to have access to tools and achieve more than they would have without his involvement in our district-wide project.

Chris is driven, resourceful, and is an expert in what he does. As a professional, Chris is very knowledgeable, yet continues to seek the latest and most effective ways to sustain what we do technologically in our district. He is professional and is a learner. These two characteristics have helped our department grow and be successful in our five-year existence. In our department he is the person we look to for guidance with cost-effective alternatives to expensive educational programs and tools. If it has to do with a free and sustainable tool Chris either knows about or or can quickly find answers for you. He is a troubleshooter and a problem-solver. When it comes to dealing with instructional technology those attributes are key in being successful as an individual and as a team.

In closing, and quite simply, Chris is the type of person and professional that you want to have in your school and district. His leadership and experience in the area of instructional technology make him a strong candidate for your open position. If you have further questions or need clarification please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you.


Jay Vean

Instructional Technology Specialist

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora, Colorado