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Tech Crew

We are looking for problem solvers and organizers to join TIS Tech Crew! We are here to support our peers, teachers and the community.

We’ll begin meeting next Tuesday in room 209 (Mrs. Kimball’s):



4th Grade 12:05-12:20

– 5th Grade 11:45-12:00

– 6th Grade 12:00-12:15

Schoology & Notability


TIS (and TMHS) is converting to Schoology Enterprise this year. This means that all classes and students will be pre-populated in the Schoology platform and be synced with PowerTeacher. schoology_thumbnailStudents will now have one place to go see all their classes, teachers, assignments and calendars making it easy to communicate about all classroom and school related activities. This will also be a place for parents to easily keep track of student progress and communicate directly with you.
SvsGCSchoology knocks the socks off of Google Classroom (click on image on left). It will be a great tool for enabling building wide collaboration and supporting student-teacher-parent communications. The best part of all of this is while PowerTeacher is still the place to post report card grades, you can now create assignments in Schoology and sync those assignments directly with the PowerTeacher gradebook. During In-Service, we go over in detail how to make the best use of Schoology and its features.

Also, we’ve purchased Notability (replacing uPad) for students and staff. This will enable students to easily annotate and share PDF’s and much more. There will be more information shared during in-service.

Wired Wednesday: Open Session

Hello everyone,

During today’s Wired Wednesday we will have an open session. No agenda, just time to work on practicing using instructional technology or learning from each other.

blogIdeas for coming:
– Explore applications that help you enhance teaching/learning strategies
– Set up and explore Schoology gradebook
– Set up quizzes on Schoology
– Create student mock-up presentations using Educreations/uPad or another application
– Explore using Casper Focus for classroom management
– Investigate Nearpod or a different application that you’ve never tried.

Each session is worth 1/15th of a credit (1 seat hour).

Please bring your laptop and iPad.

Meeting Dates (3:30-4:30) Location: 200

December 3
February 18
March 4, 18
April 1, 22
May 13


Tech Crew: 11/04

Tech Crew met today and worked on these items.

tech_crewWe discussed taking care of class room iPad crates, folders, tags, etc.
– We nominated Maddie as our secretary.
– Stressed the importance of ignoring iPad updates. It breaks uPad.
– Add folders to classrooms with new students (Hubbard & Steinke)
– We added more of our photos to

We meet each Tuesday in the conference room during their 1st recess. More info:

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade