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Wired Wednesday: Open Session

Hello everybody,

During today’s Wired Wednesday we will have an open session. No agenda, just time to work on practicing using instructional technology or learning from each other.

blogIdeas for coming:
– Explore applications that help you enhance teaching/learning strategies
– Set up and explore Schoology gradebook
– Set up quizzes on Schoology
– Explore using Casper Focus for classroom management
– Investigate Nearpod or a different application that you’ve never tried.

Each session is worth 1/15th of a credit (1 seat hour).

Please bring your laptop and iPad.

Save the dates! Wednesday 3:30-4:30, Lab 212

    March 15 : Schoology Groups
    April 19: Schoology Open Session
    May 24: Schoology EOY Procedures


1… Save your work!


The end of the year is quickly approaching. It’s time to consider saving your work in Schoology. By this I mean, ALL of the resource links, files, assignments, quizzes, etc. this year for next year. You have 3 options:

  1. Save the entire course! (Easy)
  2. Save individual materials or folders. (Proactive)
  3. Save nothing and hope that the course archived and you can root around for the work you didn’t save. (Challenging)

Below y0u’ll find direction on how to save your courses and individual materials/folders. If you would like support with any part of this process, please let me know.

What if you have already built content in your course or at the end of the semester/year you want to save your entire course to resources so you can begin to edit for next year (or save for future years), the steps below will help you save your materials. Throughout the Resources module you have seen that resources let you share, save, and copy materials easily to courses, which means the more you work in your Resources the easier it is to create course content.

Save an Entire course to Personal Resources:
(Video on Saving Course) ~ hat tip to James Taschek for this.

  1. The first step would be to create a collection with the course name in personal resources
  2. Then go to the course to save
  3. Click Options
  4. Click Save Course to Resources
  5. Note: The copying-job may take a few hours.
  6. Select the Collection and/or Folder
  7. Click Submit


Save Individual Materials or Folders:

  1. Go to the course to save materials
  2. Click the “Gear” beside the content to copy
  3. Click Save to Resources
  4. Select the Collection and/or Folder to copy to
  5. Click Save Copy
  6. Note: The copying-job may take a few hours.

Schoology & Notability


TIS (and TMHS) is converting to Schoology Enterprise this year. This means that all classes and students will be pre-populated in the Schoology platform and be synced with PowerTeacher. schoology_thumbnailStudents will now have one place to go see all their classes, teachers, assignments and calendars making it easy to communicate about all classroom and school related activities. This will also be a place for parents to easily keep track of student progress and communicate directly with you.
SvsGCSchoology knocks the socks off of Google Classroom (click on image on left). It will be a great tool for enabling building wide collaboration and supporting student-teacher-parent communications. The best part of all of this is while PowerTeacher is still the place to post report card grades, you can now create assignments in Schoology and sync those assignments directly with the PowerTeacher gradebook. During In-Service, we go over in detail how to make the best use of Schoology and its features.

Also, we’ve purchased Notability (replacing uPad) for students and staff. This will enable students to easily annotate and share PDF’s and much more. There will be more information shared during in-service.

Wired Wednesday: Communication


I invite you to join me for Wired Wednesday March 18th in Colin’s room from 3:30-4:30.  During this session, we’ll explore Schoology on the iPad and laptop in order to enhance communication with students, parents and colleagues. Enhance communication with Schoology! Please Sign-up through Click on District Catalog to get started.



Use digital media to communicate with and provide feedback to students and parents.

To Bring:

Please bring your charged iPad and laptop. Please Sign-up through

Wired Wednesday: Prezi


I invite you to join me for Wired Wednesday tomorrow in Colin’s room from 3:30-4:30.  During this session, we’ll explore Prezi on the iPad in order to meet Common Core SL. 5.5. With Prezi, students can create presentations that are engaging and memorable. (Warning overuse may result in nauseousness.)


Please create an account [free] using a laptop/desktop at I recommend creating the account through your Google account.

Common Core SL.5.5 Include multimedia components (e.g., graphics, sound) and visual displays in presentations when appropriate to enhance the development of main ideas or themes.

To Bring:

Please bring your charged iPad loaded with the Prezi (from Self-Service).

Mark your calendar for future dates! Meeting Dates (3:30-4:30) Location: 200

– March 4, 18
– April 1