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Congratulations 8th Graders!

Revolutionary War





How to Get Started with Blogger

Blogger is a simple to use blog site.


The focus is on producing content, not on the creation and customization of the site itself. So, it makes for an ideal place for students to create a portfolio or even to just share information on a certain topic they are studying.

The video below shows you how to get started using so that students can sign in to it using their Telluride School District Googles Apps account.

You can pop the video out to a full size view by clicking on the rectangle in the lower right side of the video after it starts to play.

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The Dollar Movies are Back!

Dollar movies are back! Be sure to thank your student council members. They successfully collaborated with the superintendent of TSD and the Palm staff to bring the dollar movies back. The first movie will be February 3, 2012…3:30 until it’s over. Of course, it will only cost a dollar.

The dollar movies will continue as long as all audience members are cooperating and following the rules. Take a look at his video to see what’s expected of audience members. [movie by student council]

Project Promoting Online Empathy

These seventh grade students developed a video response to cyberbullying that describes ways of effectively reacting to it. Well done Team Orange B!