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Wired Wednesday


Please join me for Wired Wednesday. We will focus on one application, program or teaching strategy that will make life better for you or your students either by enhancing teaching/learning or streamlining work-flow. Each session is worth 1/15th of a credit (1 seat hour). The first class will be “Schoology Assignments” on Sept.

All are welcome! Whether you are afraid you’ll break it or are a Power User or something in between, you are encouraged to attend. Please bring your laptop and iPad.

Save the dates!

Wednesday 3:30-4:30, Lab 212

  • September 21: Schoology Assignments
  • October 12: Schoology Calendar
  • November 16: Schoology Discussions
  • December 14: Schoology Quizzes
  • January 11 : Schoology Resources
  • February 8: Schoology Mail
  • March 15 : Schoology Groups
  • April 19: Schoology Grade Columns
  • May 24: Schoology EOY Procedures


Tech Crew Members Wanted

Classroom Teachers,

Tech Crew met last Tuesday and decided to open Tech Crew to everyone regardless if they sign up using the posters that are up near the 3rd/4th bathrooms or not. They just need to SHOW UP. Tech Crew members support their peers and you!

I entourage you to encourage your students to join Tech Crew. No technical knowledge is required. Ideally Tech Crew members like to help others and enjoy problem solving. They will be trained in solving common everyday challenges and obscure challenges as well. 🙂

We meet each Tuesday during recess in the lab, before or after lunch depending on the grade level.





5th Grade Colonial Revolution Projects

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