Tech Tuesday: A Day in the Life of an iPadding Teacher

Tech Tuesday is coming up March 4th. This time we’ll have a special guest teacher sharing her experiences with utilizing iPads in the classroom


Allison_ClasenI (Allison Clasen) would like to share a glimpse into an average day in my iPad saturated classroom. My role has shifted away from direct instruction as I’ve evolved to become more of a facilitator. I give my students the tools and guidelines to reach learning outcomes and provide assistance along the way. For the most part, they are on their own to take charge of their learning. The students rise to the challenge and produce outstanding products. The majority of our classwork consists of project-based learning with the use of rubrics. This allows the students to personalize their learning and develop a deeper understanding of concepts. My teaching style has completely changed as iPads have become an essential learning tool in my classroom. Please join me as I share ideas that have transformed learning in my classroom.


Please your iPad loaded with the applications below.


Prezi (If you have time create an account [free] using a laptop/desktop at


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